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How to Play Brainwave

What is Brainwave?

Brainwave is a trivia game that engages with users daily via web, play.brainwavegh.com. Upon subscribing and answering questions, users can win instant prizes, rack up points for bragging rights and big prizes or just have some good old-fashioned fun with our brain teasing games. Brainwave always has users buzzing with anticipation.

How does Brainwave work?

Subscribe to Brainwave by visiting the website play.brainwavegh.com and typing your number in the provided box. Follow the prompts to subscribe, subscription costs 0.27p daily.
Once subscribed, you can visit play.brainwavegh.com to play the suite of trivia games available. Play Triv5 to win instant prizes and points for the running campaign, and play campaign to build points to be part of our top players at the end of the campaign to win awesome prizes

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a set period within which players can engage with questions from a specific theme or topic. All Brainwave campaign trivia questions are theme based, that is, questions are derived from a specific topic(s). Rewards are given to players with the highest points at the end of the campaign.

How to Play a Brainwave Campaign

  • Visit play.brainwavegh.com and subscribe to the game.
  • Players are charged a daily subscription fee.
  • Players can answer multiple trivia questions within the day. Each question is timed.
  • Each correct answer rewards players with points.
  • Points are accumulated over the period of the campaign.
  • At the end of each campaign, the top players are rewarded.
  • Players have the option to play our suite of Brainwave games to win extra points or prizes.

How often do campaign themes change?

Currently, a Brainwave campaign period is 25 days.

What kind of questions does a Brainwave player answer?

A Brainwave player can answer three (3) types of questions. Question of the Day, Sprint and Boost Code questions.

What is Question of the Day?

Question of the Day is a daily question every Brainwave player receives at a specific time in the day. These questions have the highest earning points within the game and players have three (3) chances to answer it correctly. Each wrong attempt reduces the player’s potential of earning the maximum points.

What is Triv5?

Triv5 is an exciting Brainwave game that gives players the opportunity to answer trivia questions for instant rewards.

How does Triv5 work?

Once subscribed, players get two (2) chances to answer five (5) questions correctly within fifty (50) seconds to win free airtime instantly. Players can get more chances at 0.27p if they are unable to answer all questions correctly after the two chances.

How can I play Triv5?

Visit play.brainwavegh.com now and play away.

What type of questions should I expect on Triv5?

Triv5 is a general trivia game that features questions from a wide range of knowledge categories (e.g. geography, Mathematics, music, etc.)

When can I play Triv5?

Triv5 is available to subscribers anytime of the day, all week. However, players have a maximum of 3 chances; 2 after subscription and 1 after the first two failed attempts.

What is a Sprint Question and how do I get it?

A Sprint is a set of ten questions players answer to build points. Players have 1 chance and 2 minutes to answer a Sprint question. 50 new Sprint questions are made available every day. Unanswered sprint questions are rolled over to the next day.
For example, if you answered 20 questions today, you would have 80 questions to answer tomorrow. If you answered 50 questions today, you would only have 50 questions the next day.

What is a Boost Code and how do I get it?

A Boost Code is a code that earns you instant high points after performing a task and answering a question. Boost Code questions are available at random times and can only be answered when available. Follow Brainwave’s social media pages to learn more about how you can get and use your Boost Code.

When can I play Brainwave?

Brainwave is available to subscribers at any time in the day, 7 days a week. After completing the subscription process answer to win instant prizes as well as gain more points to get the monthly campaign prizes.

Brainwave Requirements

Can I choose/change my username?

At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a generic username. Players can change this generic username to a name of their choice by visiting the Brainwave website and navigating to the leaderboard section or Click Here.

What do I need to play Brainwave?

You can play Brainwave with any phone or tablet. You also need at least GHS0.27p worth of credit on your mobile number in order to play.

Do I need internet to play Brainwave?

Yes, you need internet to play Brainwave since it is available on the web.

Do I need a smartphone to play?

Yes you need a smartphone to play Brainwave since it is available on the web. You can play by clicking on this url (https://play.brainwavegh.com/) to visit the Brainwave website.

Brainwave Rank & Points

What is Brainwave points?

This is what you get after you answer a question correctly on Brainwave.

How many points does each question hold?

Every question varies in the number of points allocated to it depending on the campaign theme. Question of the Day carries the highest points.

What can I do with my Brainwave points?

You can risk your points for more or keep building up points to win prizes at the end of the campaign.

What is Risk it and how does it work?

You can access the leaderboard on the Brainwave website. Visit/Click this link here for more..

What can I do with my Brainwave points?

You can risk your points for more or keep building up points to win prizes at the end of the campaign.

What is Risk it and how does it work?

RISK it allows you to double your points by answering a challenging question correctly. You can get RISK it by consistently attempting the Question of the Day. Keep playing to unlock your RISK it key. Learn more about RISK it.

How do I get bonus points?

You can get bonus points by answering the Question of the Day within the following time periods. (Bonus points are a percentage of the total points allotted to the question)
1 minute - 100% bonus points
5 mins: 100% bonus points
10 mins: 50% bonus points
15 mins: 25% bonus points
You can earn additional points through the Boost Code or Risk it key

How do I check my points and my rank/position?

You can check your points and rank on the leaderboard.

How do I get access to a leader board?

You can access the leaderboard on the Brainwave website. Visit/Click this link here for more.

Winning and Prizes

How would I know if I win?

Follow our social media pages; the list of winners will be published after every campaign. You will be called to redeem your prize if you win.

What kind of prizes can I win?

Prizes range from mobile airtime to shopping vouchers and exciting gift packages from our prestigious partner brands.

How do I claim my prize?

You will be contacted via phone call or social media (direct message) with the details. Once informed your prize can be picked up, you have 30days to pick up your prize or it will be considered forfeited.